1. Warranty conditions

a. Products will have a free warranty following these terms:
•  Defective product by the manufacturer .
•  Warranty period is still valid.
•  Warranty card is intact, not patched, not scratched, repaired or smeared.
•  Warranty card is full of information: product name, serial number, quantity, transaction number, customer name, address, purchase date.

b. When in warranty period, product will not be warranted or additional warranty fee will occur if happening in one of the following cases:
•  Technical errors arise not from the manufacturer.
•  Product does not meet one of the conditions of warranty in section 1.1.
•  Defective products do not match the one in the warranty card.
•  Customers intervene to repair product themselves.
•  Product is malfunctioned or damaged by customers.
In case of incurring repair and maintenance costs, we will advise customers with full information before proceeding with repair procedures. After the customer agrees, we will carry out the chargeable warranty.

2. Warranty period (not apply for partners, agents):

•  For LED Factory Lights and LED Street Lights: 2-year warranty, starts from the date of delivery.
•  For Explosion-proof Lights and Explosion Proof Accessories: 1-year warranty, starts from the date of delivery.
•  For Household Water Purifier and Industrial Water Purifier: 1-year warranty, starts from the date of delivery.
•  For Household Air Purifier and Industrial Air Purifier: 1-year warranty, starts from the date of delivery.

3. Warranty method

a. Warranty location
Please contact directly via phone number, zalo or facebook to meet the customer care department who will guide customers to specific warranty processes.

b. Return warranty product
•  We only perform warranty through the form of sending back the products to be warranted for us to check and confirm the warranty form for costumers.
•  The cost of sending products will be paid by the customers. After the warranty, products will be sent back to the costumer and the shipping cost paid by us.

c. Warranty implementation period
In any circumstances, the warranty implementation time depends on the availability of the product/component as well as product status and will be notified to you after we receive the product. We are not responsible for any damage or loss occurred if you do not follow the instructions in this Warranty Policy.